SunSmart aids Masbate school for distance learning

SunSmart, a leading solar technology solutions provider in the Philippines, recently donated a solar power system to one of the remote public schools in Masbate as the beneficiary of SunSmart Ngai Che Hon Foundation, Inc., last September 11, 2020.

SunSmart Solar Power Technology Inc. Business Development Executive Director, Justiene Ortega and Product Support Assistant Manager, Ravillyn Dumdum, together with the National Electrification Administration Deputy Ambassador Rossan Rosero Lee and head of Renewable Energy Development Department, Engr. Butch Silvano, led the formal turnover of the SunSmart Integrated Off-Grid Solar Power System to MASELCO Masbate Electric Cooperative.

The system is a 1.5kWp Off-Grid Integrated Mobile Solar Generator (i-MoGen) with a 200w Solar PV Panel which can aid in providing power to the beneficiary school and help teachers and students adapt to distance learning due to the pandemic. The intelligent mobile generator is a lightweight, portable power pack that has an output power of 1,500 watts and peak power of 3,000 watts. It can be charged via solar panel or through an outlet (grid) like a powerbank. On the other hand, it can charge home appliances directly providing a mobile and practical plug & play system with free and unlimited electricity at an affordable price.

SunSmart advocacy

The turnover is part of SunSmart’s mission to provide solutions to underserved areas through their corporate social responsibility and advocacy with the theme E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S or “Elevate Livelihood, Empower Mankind, Engage Nature Towards Sustainability.”

“We at SunSmart highly values education and we believe that students and teachers in far-flung areas should not be left behind in the new normal way of learning,” according to SunSmart President, Jenny Lin Maaño – Ngai. “It is our fervent hope that by providing power, access to online education is within reach wherever you may be.”

For several years, SunSmart has been the leading provider of renewable and sustainable products and solutions particularly to the rural areas which includes households, commercial establishments, housing developments, farms, and infrastructure programs.

But alongside, SunSmart is also at the helm of advocating green communities, particularly focusing in off-grid areas where electricity is scarce, expensive and intermittent.

“SunSmart Solar Power Technology takes inspiration from the country’s beautiful destinations such as its prime pristine beaches, islands and one-of-a-kind cultural heritage that are often completely dark at night,” Ngai adds.

Aside from this, SunSmart advocates in the preservation of the environment by dedicating its efforts in the mitigation of the rise in greenhouse gas emissions. One of its objectives is to advocate for sustainability and take part in long term global climate change adaptation programs.

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