Removal of Endometrial Cyst on Right Ovary: Personal Experience, Recovery, and Cost

Removal of Endometrial Cyst on Right Ovary

Disclaimer: All details revealed here are solely based on my experience. If you have questions regarding the removal of endometrial cyst on right ovary, please consult your doctor for medical advice. 

Last month, a few days after my birthday, I went to an OB-GYN to consult about my health. I haven’t had my menstruation for almost three months, which is unusual because I have a regular menstrual cycle.

No, I am not pregnant—as confirmed in several pregnancy tests for the past couple of months. Additionally, I don’t experience any pregnancy symptoms save for the missed periods. When I told this to my mom and sister, they urged me to see a doctor immediately.

And so did I. My doctor requested a transvaginal ultrasound. The diagnosis showed that I have an endometrial cyst on my right ovary. Its size is already big–as large as a mug’s mouth or a fist.

My physician advised me to undergo an oophorectomy or the removal of an ovary. Because the cyst is already large, the ovary must be removed altogether.

If my cyst isn’t removed, it can twist due to its size. I may experience pain comparable to appendicitis.

This is the scenario: It is possible to experience this pain anytime, most likely leading to a visit to the emergency room. I consider it a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, plus additional expense, which will most likely be huge.

Here’s the thing: I have a series of trips for work and leisure. I was scheduled for media training in Davao City and a weeklong trip to Baler, Aurora, for a workcation. 

The decision is to cancel all these plans. I wouldn’t want to risk getting rushed to ER for severe pain in a different town and give hassle to my colleagues. 

So there, I took a leave from work and underwent a medical workup leading to my surgery. 

What is an endometrial cyst?

An endometrial cyst is one of the most common cysts that develop in your ovary. One of the endometrial cyst causes is retrograde menstrual flow, or the menstruation flows upwards to your ovary or fallopian tubes rather than being excreted through a monthly period.

Endometrial cyst symptoms

According to my doctor, a cyst as big as mine should have shown warning signs. It includes symptoms such as severe pain, much more than appendicitis.

However, on my part, I did not experience too much pain. What I only experience are two symptoms: amenorrhea and mild cramps. I have mistaken it for random dysmenorrhea. 

Amenorrhea is the lack of menstruation for an extended period. My menstruation did not arrive for three months, which I find weird. This is also why I consulted a doctor without any idea of a more severe condition. 

Secondly, I experienced mild cramps, which are just normal for me. The only weird thing is that these cramps come without menstruation. 

If you want to know more about the telling signs of an endometrial cyst on the ovary, check this link. 

My experience on the removal of endometrial cyst on right ovary

Disclaimer: All details revealed here are solely based on my experience. If you have questions regarding the removal of endometrial cyst on right ovary, please consult your doctor for medical advice. 

If you want to know more about how an endometriotic cyst is removed, here’s the oophorectomy procedure steps I underwent.

Finishing last-minute work done at the hospital the night before I undergo surgery.


Upon consultation with my doctor, she requested a transvaginal ultrasound. The diagnosis confirmed my condition. She immediately advised for removal of the ovarian cyst. Right then and there, I agreed to undergo surgery because I didn’t want to prolong this condition. 

Medical Work-up

We began the medical workup for my endometriotic cyst treatment. I underwent laboratory tests, including blood tests, chest X-rays, and endometrial cyst ultrasound. 


My doctor requested medical clearance from an internist to proceed with the surgery. 


I was scheduled for hospital admission, where I stayed for three days. I checked in the hospital the night before my surgery so the nurses would have more time to prepare me for the operation. 


The removal of endometrial cyst on right ovary operation took 1 1/2 hours. Albeit anxiety and a mix of overwhelming emotions, the process was surprisingly smooth and quick I didn’t realize it was over. Of course, there was anesthesia.


After my operation, I stayed in the recovery room for 5 hours. I woke up 3 hours after my procedure. At first, I couldn’t feel anything. However, as the anesthesia began to wane out, the pain started creeping into my lower body.

I also requested a pillow, but the nurse told me I needed to lay flat in bed as per the doctor’s prescription. Even with painkillers, I can still feel the immense pain that I had to request additional painkillers because it was really unbearable.

When they transferred me to my room, I was crying because of the pain. I cried even more, when the staff moved me to my bed. I had to stay flat in bed for additional seven hours.

It was a tormenting ordeal. I woke up every now and then to ask for the time as I was really waiting for the nurse’s go signal to have my bed elevated.

I felt mild relief when my bed was elevated. Breathing became more manageable, providing a tinge of comfort despite the pain. The following day, I started drinking liquids. A few hours after, I also consumed soft food such as congee, soup, and egg.

When my doctor made her rounds, she told me to start moving already–to turn sideways when sleeping, sit, and stand up. Although I was still in pain, especially in my tummy area, I had to do it to help my quick recovery. My nurse told me that moving helps my organs function back again.

Removal of Endometrial Cyst on Right Ovary

Oophorectomy home recovery

After four days, I was given clearance to go home. The first few days were difficult as expected. It was a challenge getting up from bed, going to the bathroom, and taking a bath. Most of the time, I was in bed resting. But sometimes, when I can, I try to stand and walk for a couple of minutes. I also avoided checking my phone or watching from the computer as it made me dizzy.

After one week, I can now independently get up from bed, take a bath, and do simple chores at home, such as cooking and washing the dishes, without experiencing pain. Of course, there is still sensitivity from the surgical site, but it helps that I have a binder to support it. 

Post checkup

Initially, the schedule post-consultation was a week after discharge. But I had to go earlier after noticing blood leaks from my bandage. My doctor said those were not blood but more like juicy substances oozing from the stitched site. I went back for a couple more checkups to have these leaks cleaned.

I was also able to receive the results of my cyst biopsy. Thank God the cyst is non-cancerous.

Removal of endometrial cyst on right ovary cost + other expenses

If you are wondering how much does it cost to remove ovary, I hope this cost gives you an idea.

My hospitalization in a private facility cost me around Php140, 000. That includes the doctor’s fee, operation, hospital admission, and lab fees. I also spent over Php10, 000 for checkups and medications before and post-operation. It helped that I got an Php18 000, 000 discount from PhilHealth, which somehow eased the financial burden. 

Note: I don’t have a health card at the time of my surgery. Having a card that could shoulder your lab and doctor’s fees would be helpful. However, I am unsure if the health insurances cover the removal of an endometrial cyst. 

I am also in the process of applying for a disability from SSS because of organ removal.

Note: The overall cost of removal of endometrial cyst depends on a case-to-case basis. Ask your doctor or your hospital’s billing section to give you an estimate. 

Tips before undergoing oophorectomy

Have yourself checked as soon as you experience symptoms

I advised all women to have themselves checked if they experience even the mildest symptoms, such as amenorrhea. Had I known my cyst was in its early stage, where I could still be removed through injected medication, I could have saved a lot. The problem was that I did not experience any symptoms except for amenorrhea. 

Save a medical fund

It really pays to have a medical fund on top of your health card. 

I am fortunate that I did not need to look for funding, and I was able to undergo surgery two weeks after diagnosis. My work as a freelancer provided me with enough funds for this surgery, and I am grateful for my clients who understood my situation. Also, your PhilHealth helps a lot too! Don’t forget to pay your contribution before you are admitted to facilitate a smooth discount process. 

Look for a trusted OB-GYN

I recommend you look for OB-GYNE, preferably fellows of POGS. I am grateful to meet an incredible doctor who was very comforting. She gave assurance that everything would be fine. 

Don’t be afraid

As scary as these may sound, overwhelming tests are there to help you with treatment. All of these are vital to your treatment. Trust your doctors and nurses and follow every medication prescribed, especially during recovery. 

Okay, I shared a lot in this blog post. But I want to tell you about my experience because I couldn’t see other resources before my surgery. I hope I was able to give you some ideas on what to expect regarding removal of ovarian cyst.

If you are about to undergo this operation soon, I wish for your smooth surgery and a speedy recovery. You can do it!

Disclaimer: All details revealed here are solely based on my experience. If you have questions regarding the removal of endometrial cyst on right ovary, please consult your doctor for medical advice. 

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