A Thrilling Ride to the Longest Zipline in Bicol Region

Zip line rides only last under a minute. Just when you have mustered the courage to see the view below you and actually feel the moment, you realize it’s over.

I am not the type who fears heights. I love the cool breeze up in the air while revelling on the beauty I see below. Be it in a roof deck, in the nth floor of hotel, on a hot air balloon ride, and yes, a zip line ride. 

My recent trip to Camarines Norte and my first time in Brgy. Matacong, in the town of San Lorenzo Ruiz is one for the books.

To note, the two-year-old zip line attraction on this side of Bicol’s getaway is the longest one in the region. Named as Matacong Zip Line, this ride boasts of its length of 750-meter (back and forth), just 90 meters short of the longest zip line in the country located in Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon.

You can consider two options when you go zip lining—Sitting or Superman. I opted for a Sitting position but I think the latter is better.

Either way, you still get to see what the zip line ride wants you to experience.

The view from the top is mostly green—consisting of lush and towering coconut trees that cover the mountains up to the side of the stream. On your right you will see the opening to the sea.  

If you’re too light, there’s a tendency you’ll stop short a couple of meters from the platform. But never worry. A trained assistant waiting on the other side platform will get you through the platform.

The zip line can also serve as the jump off to Nacali Falls which requires 5-7 kilometres trek.

Your ride back is another story. You have to walk a few meters high through a rocky pathway to another platform. Going back was a little struggle for us. The rains starts to fall and we’re sure we’ll get wet when we push through. We waited for a couple of minutes until the sky was just dropping mist.

The ride back was surreal. While feeling the chilly mist in our bodies, I get to feel refreshed even though it was only for seconds. 

Another option is you can also try going back through the tram (different fees), which is used by locals to transport goods to the other side of mountain.

Matacong Zip Line Fees

Sitting (Two-Way Ride) – PhP 250.00

Superman (Two-Way Ride) – PhP 350.00

How to Get to Matacong Zip Line in San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte

-From Daet, ride a jeep bound to Brgy. Matacong (30-40 minute ride)

-Tell the driver to drop you off near Matacong Zip Line. The zip line is just a few meters walk

For more information, please contact to tourism officer of San Lorenzo Sir Manuel Racho.

Gelyka Dumaraos

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