Epic Aerial Views at the Lubao International Hot Air Balloon Festival

Stunning aerial shows, food festivals, performances, and the much-awaited flight of more than 40 hot air balloons awed thousands of goers at the recently held Lubao International Hot Air Balloon Festival held in Lubao, Pampanga from April 14-17.

Now on its third year, the Lubao Hot Air Balloon Festival was definitely gaining a lot of attraction from different parts of the Philippines as well as in neighboring countries, making it the biggest showcase of hot air balloon in Southeast Asia.

Giving joy

To experience a hot air balloon ride is perhaps something everyone wishes to. Last weekend, I was able to experience a childhood dream of jumping into that basket and have a good view of Lubao up in the air.

From Pradera Verde in Prado Siongco, Lubao, the forty balloons went their way to where the wind took them. A lot landed mostly in different parts of Bataan.

The sight of the balloon up in the view in the skies of Pampanga was such a stunning sight to see. There were Mr. Zebra, Papa Smurf, Ladybird, and Bobo the Lobster, as well as other regular yet colorful balloons dancing with the wind.

But what makes this experience one memorable one is that it not only fulfills your wanderlust dream. The mere sight of a colorful balloon painting the sky definitely makes every spectator smile.

When we took off from Lubao, we passed through fields, farms, and a community where locals waved and took pictures. We passed just a metere above trees, rooftops, and even inches away from an electric pose. People were waving from the ground as the balloon pass through them.

The balloon took us somewhere in Dinalupihan, Bataan, where the pilot, Mr. Gilles Leclergq from France even landed in a vacant lot in a small community so kids will have a good view of the balloon. The kids were so mesmerized by its sight, leaving them all smiles as we took off to another destination.

I thanked Gilles for making that effort, and he answered, “You’re welcome. We don’t just fly balloons. We make people happy. That’s what we do.”

The same goes to Mr. Adrian Held from Switzerland, who landed his balloon in a field and gave the local kids the chance to the balloon up close and personal. He even posed with them in some wacky photos.

And while the balloons were up in the air, different aerial and land exhibitions were enjoyed by the attendees of the festival. Hundreds of people beat the summer heat with various activities of the day such as car exhibition, concerts, magic tricks, food festivals, and street performers

Capping off the night were concerts from day 1 to 4, which was led by Bamboo, Ely Buendia, True Faith, Sabado Boys, and Mitoy and D’ Draybers.

Gelyka Dumaraos

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