Glamping in Batangas: A Nayomi Sanctuary Resort Experience

I just came from a recent glamping in Batangas experience at Nayomi Sanctuary Resort and here’s my tale as a first timer.


Camping has one of my favourite travel experience whenever me and my partner go to islands and beaches. There, we get to sleep in a tent with the stars and the night sky above us, put on bonfire if the area permits, and hear the gentle waves and the sounds of different insects through the night.

But camping comes with a couple of inconveniences. Just to give you an idea, camping in a remote island with no potable water, no bathrooms, and private place to clean up might not be for the sensitive ones. I have had my experiences like this (one unforgettable one was in Caramoan Islands) and though the adventure was extremely awesome, call of nature was a little tricky to tackle. Even in mountains, there are measures you need to take note when it comes to this matter.

This is probably where the idea of glamping (glamour + camping) comes to mind. Imagine the experience of staying in a tent by the beach, or in the midst of a forest or on top of the mountain, with resources you need—a nice bathroom, bed, fluffy pillows, an aircon or electric fan to keep you cool throughout night.

First time glamping in Batangas

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort, located in Balete, Batangas, gives the perfect glamping feel. While the resort offers a peaceful atmosphere, hotel accommodations and a perfect events venue with the Taal Lake at the backdrop, one attraction they are popular for is their glamping area.

Each glamping tent is good for six persons, and is equipped with an electric mosquito zapper, industrial fan, three beds, big and colourful pillows, lamps, towels, and blanket, power outlets. You may read more details here.

It also has its own bathroom, just a few steps from the tent. For barkadas and families who wanted to relax outside the tent, there is a picnic table with umbrella perfect for bonding time. 

At night, when the lights are out, you will feel the forest vibe as you can hear insect sounds from everywhere. I remember I was writing on my laptop at 11pm when I hear the familiar sounds of a gecko, which I am absolutely sure, is just behind me. Good thing the tent is made of a thick material so I don’t really worry on its coming in. Plus, the tent has double zipper which I padlocked from the inside. And oh, I also heard cricket sounds and the tiny rain drops.

I also learned that during night when there are a large number of guests, a bonfire is set up in the open space near the glamping areas, which really sets the mood.

Solo and secured

I was glamping alone that time. You see, I love going on solo ventures but this one’s a tad different. But I was never worried. Ate Lhen handed me a mobile phone with the front desk’s number on it, which I can use to call just in case I need something. It was also nice of them to check me out every three hours for the whole night, and see if I am doing fine. Ate Lhen said they always do roving for security purposes and to also check if the guests needed anything else.

Food and other amenities

The glamping accommodation comes with free breakfast. Chef Andy, Anahaw Restaurant’s head chef, was very accommodating to me. During my stay, I ate some of their bestsellers like Nilagang Baka. I also love their fish dishes as these are freshly bought in the lake.

And while at Nayomi Sanctuary Resort, you need not to miss swimming in their pools. They have two swimming pools inside—one is located near the glamping area while the infinity pool is just beside the hotel accommodations area. I took a dip at the infinity pool in the morning and was mesmerized by the lovely view of Taal Lake peaking from a distance.

The glamping experience

I had a nice time glamping at Nayomi Sanctuary Resort. The staff is very accommodating-props to Chef Andy and Miss Lhen. I am glad that even when I am camping, I still get to write at night (thanks to the availability of outlet), and I need not to worry on insect bites. I just love the whole glamping experience—from the food, the bathroom, the picnic table, and the infinity pool. The glamping experience is perfect for soloist like me, for friends, lovers, and for the whole family.

How to Get There:

  1. From Buendia, right bus at JAC liner going to Lipa City or Lemery, Batangas.
  2. Ask the driver to drop you off at Tambo. You know you are near the area when the bus turns left after exiting the South Luzon Expressway. Landmarks are Jollibee (left side). Travel time is about 1 hour and a half. Fare is PhP124.
  3. Cross the highway and ride a jeep going to SM or Robinsons Lipa. Fare is PhP8.00.
  4. Ask the driver to drop you off at KFC, near the footbridge. Travel time is 8-10 minutes only.
  5. Cross the footbridge and walk further until you reach Shakeys or Starbucks.
  6. Between the two establishments, there is a line of tricycle. Ask them to take you to Nayomi Sanctuary Resort. Fare is PhP 200 one-way. Better if you have friends with you to lessen your expenses. Travel time is about 30 minutes.

Notes to Remember

  1. When you alight the jeep to KFC, beside the footbridge, there are available tricycle drivers waiting in line. I asked them if they know Nayomi Sanctuary Resort but three of them are not familiar with the place. I suggest you stick with riding a tricycle at Shakeys or Starbucks because they know the resort exactly.
  2. The tent can get really hot during the day so seize this opportunity to lounge by the swimming area.
  3. Book your accommodation in advance. While they also accept walk-ins, there are cases when they are fully booked.
  4. The glamping site has very weak signal. Enjoy the being away from the internet. J

For more information about glamping in Batangas, visit Nayomi Sanctuary Resort’s website. You may also contact them through the following:

Address: JM Katigbak Street Barangay Alangilan Balete Batangas, Philippines 4219

Telephone Nos.: (02) 645-3092 | (02) 986-5487 | 470-2708 | 240-347




*This blog post is in partnership with Nayomi Sanctuary Resort. They provided an overnight glamping stay and complimentary meals. Views are my own.

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