Peace and Quiet at Palms Farm Beach Resort in Cayucyucan, Mercedes, Camarines Norte

You know how you enter a place and get instantly stunned by the sight of lovely trees, swaying simultaneously, as if welcoming you to wonder and magic? Palms Farm Beach Resort in Cayucyucan, Mercedes, in the province of Camarines Norte gives exactly the same feels.

It was Saturday morning when we arrive at the place, close to 15 to 20-minute drive from the town proper. I wasn’t expecting anything grand. What I am excited about is to see the sea again after not seeing shades of blue for the past months. By simply knowing the resort is situated by the seaside, I know the visit will be calmness and serenity, just right for a quick weekend getaway.

As you enter the place you see enchanting Agoho trees all perfectly lined up and cover the pathway leading to the entrance. As if welcoming you to their home, these trees are being orchestrated by the wind, swaying with the cool morning breeze.

You’ll see a vast playground of swings and repurposed rubber tires for kids and teambuilding activities too. Like a kid excited to jump out of the van, I quickly gathered my things, rubbed my sleepy eyes and take a breathe of fresh air for the day’s first adventure.

A few meters walk from the entrance is a nice “Love Garden” welcomed by hand painted pots. On its left is a palms tree garden, its walkway is perfect for some quiet time with your beau. But if you’re not with a romantic partner, roaming into this garden is, of course, enjoying still.

Colourful teardrop wicker hanging  chairs and hammocks also entices you to spend the day on relaxed mode, let your hair down, and enjoy the laidback feel, shaded with coconut trees while facing the serene view of the ocean,

The seaside gets even more colourful as bamboo poles with flaglets line-up near the shore. Looking at the far end of the beach’s left side, a couple of boats are parked. The other side too has few boats, with men seemingly fixing some of theirs before the sun’s heat can get prickling.

Unlike the surfing beach in Bagasbas, this one is more calm and serene. One activity you need to try while here is paddle boarding, though I just settled in dipping my toes in the cool waters as I was not feeling well that time.

Lounging by one yellow hanging chair with a soda at hand, I just pictured myself getting sunkissed while paddle boarding, and I vow to make it a reality the next time I come.

How to get there:


Take bus bound to Daet, Camarines Norte

From Daet Bus Terminal, take jeep/tricycle to Mercedes Pier

From Mercedes Pier take boat to Manguisoc

From Manguisoc take tricycle to Palms Farm Resort

Amenities and Facilities

Air-conditioned Rooms

Stand-by Generator

Parking Area

Garden and Tree Farm

Kitchen and BBQ Pits

Children’s Playground

Shallow Well Water System

CANORECO Electrical Facilities

Billiard Table




Disclaimer: This trip was coordinated by the Provincial Tourism Office of Camarines Norte. Special thanks to Sir Bong Palma, Ma’am Myrna Gobrin.

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