Post Quarantine Travel: Essentials to Bring When Outside

post quarantine travel

The fight against COVID-19 is far from over. And if post quarantine travel and trips are already allowed soon, we will also have to embrace the new normal and live with the virus.

Here are some back post quarantine travel essentials you have to keep in mind when you go back to going on trips in the future:

Washable face mask

Wearing face mask in public is already a norm. In fact, people who do not wear face mask may be barred from entering an establishment in some areas. Do not forget to bring your face mask wherever you go. There are readily available face masks in convenience stores. You may also your DIY face mask.

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Alcohol or alcogel

One of the best ways to practice hand hygiene in public places is applying alcohol or alcogel whenever you touch communal things such as doorknobs and elevator buttons as these may be infected by COVID-19. Alcohols can also sanitize your personal items such as cellphones.

Disinfectant spray

Aside from alcohol, have a disinfectant solution with you to clean your personal things which can be equally effective. Using alcohol to clean certain personal items may not be advised due to its strong concentration such as eyeglasses, cellphones, and laptops. Use disinfectants too when entering a new place such as a hotel room during post quarantine travel.

Hand soap

If you can, bring a hand soap with you. While establishments may likely to have hand soaps in their rest rooms and lavatories, it will always be convenient to have your own soap.

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Let supplements be your best travel buddy. Load up on Vitamin C to boost your immune system. You may opt to have the tablets or have a booster shot in a clinic.

Digital wallet

Doing cash transactions can be a risk in contacting viruses. Having an online or digital wallet with you not only saves you a lot from hassle—like falling in long lines to pay bills, but it also keeps you away from risk of getting infected by the disease what with the presence of a large crowd and exposure to potential carriers of the virus.

Health card

Even before the coronavirus, people are encouraged to have insurance and health card when traveling. Now more than ever, having this essential gives you confidence that you have something to depend on financially when you encountered a health problem in a foreign place.

With or without COVID-19, we must all be wary of our health in public places. We have to take preventive measures and keep in mind that these post quarantine travel essentials are all for the safety of our selves and the ones we love.

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