Two Nights Camping + Itinerary at Agnaem Cove, Pundaquit, Zambales

While Zambales is mostly known for its famed coves like Nagsasa and Anawangin, which are hours away from mainland Pundaquit, San Antonio, there is a cove just minutes away from it. 

About a 20 minutes boat ride from Pundaquit is Agnaem Cove, which, for me, can be described as sort of near perfect getaways with friends, family, couple, and even for solo travelers.

Agnaem Cove can be reached via boat from Pundaquit. (Although I have this theory that there is a trail in the mountains from the mainland to the cove. I mean, if Nagsasa and Anawangin can be reached via trek through Mt. Nagsasa and Mt. Pundaquit, which takes six hours of trek, then there must be a way from the mainland to Agnaem Cove which is way nearer. That’s another story, I guess.) 

In going there, the boat passed by the mountains of Pundaquit, which boasts of its lush greenery. A number of waterfalls can also be seen cascading from the top of the mountain to its foot.

The cove from a distance is indeed picturesque. From afar, you can see an array of cottages that differ in sizes. In the far right end, there are several secluded kubos. These are isolated by a stream that flows to the sea. 

The stream is actually perfect for people who wanted to take a dip in the freshwater after swimming in the sea. While most people frolic by the sea, we took the opportunity to have a dip there all by ourselves early morning and by midnight.

Camping there for a night or two is great too. While some just go there for a day trip, one can enjoy the laid back beach feels when you opt for an overnight–much more if you spend it for

5am-10am Travel to San Antonio
10am-11am Brunch in San Antonio
11am -12pm Buy goods in San Antonio Market good for two night of camping
12:30-12:15 Trucycle to Pundaquit (30pesos,)
12:15:1:00 negotuate for boa, prepare for travel to Agnaem Cove

1:00 to 1:30 Travel to Agnarm
1:30 eta agnaem
1:30 2:30 pitch tent/cook
2:30 3:30-late lunch
3:30-600 swim, take photos, beach num, explore area
7:00 dinner

Day 2

beach bum, 
explore the stream
picture taking

Day 3
7am Breaksfat
8-9am beach bum
11am Capones Islan
12pm Camara Island e,plore sand bar
1pm go back to Oundaquit
2-3 freshen up
3-4 late lunch
4 Back to Manila

Breakdown of Expenses
Victory Liner from Pasay — PhP 280 x 2
Tricycle going to Pundaquit — PhP 30 each x 2
Boat rental — PhP 400 each 
Entrance fee — PhP 100 (one day only)

Cottage — PhP 500 (per night)

*Capones Island and Camara Island Hopping Side Trip — PhP 1,500

Gelyka Dumaraos

Gel is a writer and wanderer from the Philippines. She maintains this blog, Musings and Pathways, as a platform for her thoughts on love and life and stories of places and people she meets while on the road. Aside from writing and being a freelance media consultant, she is recently into baking and cooking. Gel lives with her fiance in a humble, work-in-progress abode in the beautiful province of Rizal. Email her at

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